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StarKist® Market Insights

StarKist keeps tabs on the latest news and information related to seafood to help you navigate the sea of regulations and trends affecting the industry.  In Market Insights we’ll highlight key areas of interest, new studies and regulations affecting the industry.  Check back often to find out what is new!

5 Reasons to Switch to Pouch

Prep faster with less effort. 

Tear. Create. Serve.

It's Just That Simple!

Accustomed to our 66.5 oz. can? Forgo the can opener and tear into a 48 oz. StarKist® Chunk Light Tuna Pouch, because it makes the same number of servings — no draining required.

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More consumers choosing seafood

Consumers are realizing the healthy attributes of seafood and are adding it to their meals more frequently reports  Pescetarianism, a vegetarian diet with seafood incorporated 2 - 3 times a week is becoming more popular in both the US and the UK.   With the nutritional benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B vitamins as well as it's light flavor and variety of ways of preparing it, more and more consumers are adding it to their diets.

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Five trends affecting the Food Service Industry in 2016

February 25, 2016  - Food Business News:
Five trends affecting the Food Service Industry in 2016
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